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Taketha Kelly

Juvenile Justice Support

Mike is a guy who lives up to the name of Mic/Mike.  A Mic is used to convert sound waves into electrical energy, and with his engagement and by using his voice, he does just that.  Mike uses his platforms outright and loud for our youth and for ALL families, assuring that they know that if no one else can, McCann CAN.  Mike will go above and beyond for anyone, even if they disagree with him.  Mike is a great Man, husband, father and mentor with a selfless spirit.  Derived from the name Michael, which in Hebrew means "Who is like God," only a few are called to do the work in our communities, and of them, he actually gets the job done.  He is a waymaker and a burden bearer for so many, and I am blessed to know him and his family.  I will be the first to coin the phrase we will soon all be using, McCann, CAN" 

Pastor Leonard Small

Unity Political Action Committee

We are supporting MIke because "Good people make good government!" 

Kevin Sheehan

President, Savannah Ambucs

Mike McCann has been a doer in our community since the day he moved here. He works hard to make a difference. He wants to make things better not just for the 6th District but for Savannah as a whole. Vote for Mike and see change happen!

Roman Jones 

District Administrator 
Little League Southeast Region

Mike McCann's dedication to giving back to the community through his volunteer work with Little League is a testament to the Little League's mission of building strong communities through youth baseball and softball. His journey began in 2003 at Joplin North Little League, where he started as a safety agent and treasurer, quickly earning trust. He went on to serve as the league's president for six years and achieved remarkable success as a coach, winning multiple District and State championships.

In 2018, Mike's journey continued when he moved to Savannah and Chatham County. He became vice president for a year and then president for the past three years. Under his leadership, the Little League in Chatham County has doubled in size, expanded to include various age divisions, and introduced innovative initiatives such as the two-year-old foam bat division and an all-inclusive playground. Mike's dedication to these projects, securing $1.6 million for facility improvements and $478,000 for the playground, has had a lasting impact on the city of Savannah, making Little League more accessible and enjoyable for the community.

Mike McCann's commitment to community betterment through Little League in Chatham County has transformed the lives of countless young athletes and left an indelible mark on the city of Savannah. Mike has a lot of passion for his community and would make an outstanding public servant.

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