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Hi, I am Mike McCann, and I would like to be your next District 6th Savannah City Councilman. I wanted to start by telling you why I'm running. I am passionate about three things: the well-being of our Youth, the strength of our community and creating a space where we all have a proverbial seat at the table. 


I believe the health of our community is directly correlated to the strength and education of the Youth within it. For years, I have worked to make a difference for those that come after us. The cornerstone of any society starts with a vital education and a sense of purpose for the next generation. If we can do the work now to lift them up, I hope they will not face the same issues we do once they are adults. I think it is important to blur the lines set up to divide us and work across all aspects of the community, no matter our race, religion, social or economic situations. Working together, not against each other, will create a solid foundation to bring up the future of our wonderful community. It is through unity, not division, that the real change will start.

Along those same lines, we must unite to improve our neighborhoods' health and create a stronger community structure. My goal is to #BeTheChange, that we all talk about but sadly do not see from our local officials. I am ready to change that, to get boots on the ground, roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches. I am already working to identify problems and generate ideas to address them. I am already looking for ways to improve. I promise you that I will be a proactive representative instead of a reactive one. 

The residents were promised a "Seat at the table" three years ago. While the current councilman did provide that seat, he still needs to provide the voice of our community that we so badly need. The current seat at the table serves as a place to receive instruction rather than advocate for the 6th District. Instead of providing input, we are left with an agreeing headbob. In essence, the 6th District has NO power and NO VOICE. A vote for me is a vote for change. I want to get the residents Mike'd up and give them their voices back.  

I may not have been born here, but I have come to love this city. It is a beautiful town with plenty of opportunity within several booming industries. But for far too long, we have put those business interests before our communities and residents' health. I am ready to push a Savannah-first agenda and ensure the 6th District is on the top of that list. I am prepared to #BETHECHANGE.

More about Mike

I was born in Bakersfield, CA (don't hold it against me), and my grandparents raised me since I was six weeks old. I graduated high school in Carthage, MI. After school, I started a career in the automotive business, where I thrived by building teams, leaders, and profitable departments. I took four stores from failing to achieving national awards and record profits. 


That career brought my family and me to Savannah in 2018, where I got involved in the community and decided to make my permanent home. My wife Kaitlyn and I, along with our three boys, Mikel (23), Mason (10), and Mattox (8), have adopted Savannah as our own and have been humbled as the people here have embraced us. Mikel is a Nurse in the US Army serving at Walter Reed Hospital. Mason and Mattox are active in the church and in sports and enjoy music and family time. My wife, Kaitlin, and I serve as the Youth Pastors for middle school and High School at White Bluff Methodist Church, where our family attends. I am passionate about sports, and when not volunteering or serving the community, I love watching sports or running practices with his boys.  


My strengths include bringing people together to succeed and reviewing, creating, and achieving a budget. I can quickly identify areas needing change, assemble a plan, collaborate with others, get buy-in from those involved and accomplish change. Creating win-win solutions to problems. I enjoy building relationships with those who may view things differently than I do. I thrive on working with those who may oppose me to come to mutually beneficial solutions to solve problems.

My Savannah Community Involvement

  • Served two terms as president of the Rotary Club of Savannah South

  • Board member Habersham YMCA

  • Board Member Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club

  • President Chatham County Little League (20 years of service)

  • President NFL Flag Football

  • Vice President Savannah Ambucs

  • Member- Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless 

  • Commission member - Savannah Sports and Recreation Board 

  • Member- Chatham County Gang and Intervention Commission 

  • Children's Church Teacher 3-5th - White Bluff Methodist 

  • Supporter/Volunteer- Save Our Youth Savannah 

  • Supporter/Volunteer - Youth City Savannah 

  • Supporter/Volunteer- The Dive Savannah 

  • Coach- YMCA Basketball, Little League Baseball, Savannah Panthers Football Club

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